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Medical Team

Our Services

Welcome to Live Well Clinics, where your health and wellness are our top priorities. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet your healthcare needs with convenience and care. Here's what we offer:

Medical Procedures and Screenings:

Abscess Incision and Drainage: Effective treatment for abscesses to alleviate pain and prevent infection.


Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Checks: Included in our consultations to monitor and maintain your health.


Colon and Prostate Cancer Screenings: Early detection tests such as FIT and PSA to ensure timely intervention.


ECGs and Blood Pressure Checks: Regular monitoring to keep your heart health in check.


Phlebotomy and Urinalysis: Accurate testing for various conditions, including UTIs and other health concerns.

Specialized Services:

Botox and Ear Piercings: Cosmetic and personal care services for your unique needs.

Certified Nutritionist and Health Counselling: Expert guidance to support your nutritional and mental health.

Management of Chronic and Psychiatric Illnesses: Personalized care plans for conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and more.

Emergency and Routine Care:

Wound Reviews, Dressings, and Suturing: Expert care for injuries and post-surgical needs.

IV Fluids and Vitamin Supplementation: Essential treatments to support your recovery and wellness.

Vaccinations and Tests:

Covid Testing and Vaccinations: Comprehensive services to protect you against infectious diseases.

Pregnancy Tests and STI Screening: Reliable testing for peace of mind and health management.

Yearly Medicals and Pap Smears: Routine examinations to ensure your ongoing health and wellbeing.

Convenience and Accessibility:

Direct Referrals: Streamlined referrals to specialists and A&E for comprehensive care.

Food Handling and Gun Licence Certificates: Ensuring you meet all necessary health and legal requirements.


At Live Well Clinics, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate care tailored to your needs. Visit us for comprehensive healthcare services and let us help you live well.

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